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15+ Awesome Prank Ideas For April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, so you need to be prepared with an arsenal of hilarious pranks that you can play on friends, family members.

Here, we have favorite April Fool’s Day pranks for you.

#1 Delight Their Taste Buds With Caramel Onions.

#2 Plant a grass garden in your coworker’s keyboard

    #3 Install an airhorn as a door wall protector

      #4 Affix a party popper to your kid’s bedroom door.

        #5 This toilet paper assault rifle is a fine April Fool’s weapon of choice.

          #6 Rig a foghorn under their office chair.

            #7 Figure out how to make this happen.

              #8 Only pull this one on your worst enemies.

                #9 Turn their shower into a bowl of chicken soup.

                  #10 Paint a bar of soap with finger nail polish and leave it in the shower.

                    #11 Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around their car

                      #12 Give their car a bright new paint job (with sticky notes)

                        #13 Insect Lamps

                          #14 Mouse Prank

                            #15 Make Mentos Ice Bombs For Your Friends That Love Soda

                              #16 Mix Skittles, M&m’s And Reese’s Pieces

                                #17 Baked A Moldy-looking Sponge Cake (right) & Replaced It With A Kitchen Sponge.

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