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19 of the Best Happy Fluff Girl Comics

Happy Fluff girl Comics is a project from young Indian Artist named Akshara. She communicates the reality of an Average Girl daily routine and situations in funny and hilarious ways. Below you will find just some of her creative works. If you enjoyed Watching and Reading, you can see rest of her works on social profiles  Tumblr, Instagram and follow her on Facebook.



#1 Every friendship’s story

    #2 When you get used to your college

      #3 No shade for a fat baby hand but the other one is brilliant.

        #4 Don’t you get annoyed when this ONE person talks in a baby voice to EVERYONE in EVERY situation!

          #5 Looks like I drew my eyebrows on with a sharpie and I wanna cry.

            #6 Relatable

              #7 Why?

                #8 Life hacks.

                  #9 Summer is attractive just because of vacations.

                    #10 Universal lie.

                      #11 Little fatty is always hungry.

                        #12 Expectation vs. Reality

                          #13 And then you just lay there.

                            #14 Being sad!

                              #15 Obviously!

                                #16 Can you relate?

                                  #17 Height of laziness.

                                    #18 Only girls can understand.

                                      #19 Best Friend Obsession

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